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System mechanics, story, and players can change in your gaming group. What I enjoy is the idea you’re an actor adlibbing your script in a movie. You may relate or you might not to your character, but you have to understand them or where they’re coming from if you’re going to roleplay them. That’s the magic of pen and paper over video games, you bring that piece of paper to life. No music, no special affects. Granted epic success is great and all and no one doesn’t like being successful. But it’s the hardships and conflict that shapes a character, it’s what sets their jawline in a stoic clench it’s what gives them that 1,000 yard stare when a certain something is mentioned. It’s what makes them do the unexpect and micmic a humanistic and caring/uncaring person. That’s a part the dice roll can’t skew. That’s something the GM or other players could never fiat. It’s the spark in a character that turns them into a hero or villian. That is the part that I love to play.