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Hi! My Saevar Leadon and I have been DMing for about 5 years If not more. I have played through editions 2 to 5 of dungeons and dragons. So far 5E has shown me a lot of promise for a simple yet tactical and fun version of dungeons and dragons. I have played through some of the play test and the first episode of The Lost Mines of Phandelver and needless to say I loved it, the players loved and they were left craving more! We performed all of this using the Roll20 engine.

What I am posting for here today is a desire to bring together an online group supporting The Adventurers League. As it stands right now online play for d&d expeditions is not allowed which I believe is quite unfair. I wish to bring together a kind of collaborative effort for creative stories and a interactive world between DMs and players. Allowing players to bring their characters to each other’s Encounter/Adventure/Campaign even if online play is ignored.

I came up with this ambition after being introduced to the currently still being run module called Escape from Uncertainty (EFU) in the old Neverwinter Nights PC game. A collaboration of DMs would help drive the story and ingame events. Players would form factions, cults and their own stories which would add to the efu world and create interesting conflicts with almost no aid of the DMs’ intervention. Of course I recognise the limitations between the two and my intention is not to replicate this in my D&D 5E effort. My intention is however to maybe create a similar concept between Adventure Leagues, EFU and Expeditions.

I use mainly roll20 to DM my games just due to the ease of use for new players and is free in the most part for the players. I have never been a fan of the online systems that ask for 50 quid + to play! So I prefer to stick to this then any other system for now.

I believe this should be actually easier then it may first seem considering how rich the D&D lore is and just how many books they have released over the years for each editon. What I request is to first: discuss this with any like minded DM/players who wish to pursuit this idea with me or any thoughts they may have. If anything of use comes of this then great!

A rough idea I have right now is either running a collaborative campaign between DMs and Players and they play it out similar to the idea of Adventure League Expeditions.

My idea was one similar to EFU where DMs would take/ask/allocate areas of Faerun (Or maybe a created world between the DMs? Or other realms such as Eberron?) they would like their stories to take place and start unravelling it to the other places around it.

Idea #1 seems the most plausible and easiest to achieve on my opinion however if others have a better idea let me know!

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