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I’m a abnormal guy, who likes anime, video games, roleplaying, and costuming.

Oh, I am also a programmer by day.

I am a long time GM with 15 years experience, who usually runs games produced by White Wolf. My favorite White Wolf games, in order, are: Exalted, Abberant/Trinity/Adventure, Old World of Darkness, Scion.

Other games I enjoy (in no particular order) are Call of Cthulu (and any variation therein), Houses of the Blooded, Monsters and other Childish Things, Dark Heresy, Conspiracy X (First Edition only please!).

I love most anything produced by John Wick or Kenneth Hite, and if you don’t know who those are, go look them up now. Start with Play Dirty and Suppressed Transmissions.

Ultimately, I am a person who believes that great stories are system-agnostic, and that a great story is the ultimate goal of a game. I’ll play or run just about anything once, and I’ll probably have a good time of it. I don’t often kill characters, but when I do, it sure is memorable. On the other hand, I have a tendency to play characters who often die in memorable or heroic ways.

Now, I have one question for you…friendly game?

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MikeAwesome created a new character Beatrice "Brick" Fawls