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My name is Mike Rapin. I am currently attending Grand Valley State University working on my Computer Science degree. I am an avid Mac user and a Web Developer specifically in PHP, ColdFusion, SQL, MySQL, Javascript and a touch of Ajax. I am a regular writer/editor on DestroyTheCyb.org. I am the co-host of the music podcast The Fifth Riff along with Nathan Schumacher as well as the founder and co-host of Twitter Trends Weekly with Josh Windisch and Nathan Schumacher.

I'm a comedian at heart with a black and tacky sense of humor found amongst many non-traditional jokesters my age. I am a monster comic-nerd who reads from a vast array of publishers (lots of Marvel and Image, but add some DC, Radical, Dark Horse, Vertigo and Avatar Press in there as well). I'm a big fan of metal and hardcore music with a dash of indie, emo and pop-punk thrown in there (see my last.fm for a sample).

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