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Play 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons. I love the primal power source especially Shamans and Warden. I have been playing since 2008 and have started the Keep on the Shadowfell 4 times having only successfully completed it once, due to the lack of a steady group available. Long live Splug!

Fallen in love with the Savage Worlds rules and the Deadlands setting. Working on creating a Savage Worlds Mass Effect setting.

Currently playing:

Keopareth Kalashtar Psion lvl 2 Eberron Big Trouble

Durrard the Bloody Human Fighter lvl 2 Dark Sun

Phrall Elf Shaman lvl 10 Homebrew campaign

“Callous” Rich Claremont Novice Huckster Deadlands

Retired Characters:

Bellan Spiritforged Dwarf Warden lvl 14 Forgotten Realms Dawn of Shadows

Diablo Tiefling Warlock lvl 2 D&D Encounters

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  • Tamerlin
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