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Most of you reading this know me. If you don’t, I am Chris, I am 50 years old and have been playing/DM’ing D&D for over 30 years. I am a hardcore 2nd ed. player/DM, being not overly fond of newer editions (3.5/4.0/etc…) I write my own games, create my own treasures (and liberally sprinkle in most AD&D items)as well as sprinkling in bits and pieces of “the Arduin Grimmoire”, On-line books of Treasures, Magiks and creatures, as well as all of the “Complete Handbooks of…” series that were published for 2nd Ed. AD&D and I love storytelling. AD&D is a storytelling game first and foremost. Create an emotion, a feeling of time and place that never-was/might-have-been. Then inhabit it with your imagination. I am not a scientist or mathmatician.(ie; Mice falling from a window sill 4’ above the ground take more damage than a human falling the same distance would.) In my world there are floating volcanic islands,sorcerous magiks side by side with gunpowder and psionics…(you get the idea). Mine is a world of fantasy, not reality. Enjoy the fantasy, and welcome.
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