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I am 23, and a college student (soon to be graduating… hopefully) who majored in graphic design and computer science. I’ve been playing tabletop games since about fourth grade, beginning with Magic: The Gathering, growing into the d20 system and D&D 3.0, and since then, playing anything from d20 Modern, to 4e, to Vampire The Masquerade, to games that have been completely made up. I’m a vet when it comes to any games BioWare, and I’m proud to declare Baldur’s Gate II being my favorite video game of all time; hands down.

Tabletop games currently/often enjoyed:
D&D 3.5, Settlers of Catan, Descent: Journeys Into the Dark, Magic: The Gathering, Fluxx

Video games:
everything BioWare, Left 4 Dead, Halo, Super Smash Bros

Also, I’m usually the DM. I’ll smite you, goddamnit.

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