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“tarokka” (aka. Stephen) has been a GM of games for roughly 20 years, ever since the days of Red Box D&D, West End Star Wars, and Battletech in the library of Spokane’s Libby Junior High (hollah!)

He fell in love with AD&D 2nd ed. the Ravenloft setting the first time he saw the cover for the Black Box on the back of an X-Men comic book. He ran many campaigns in this setting over the years with great players such as Tom, Nate, Travis, Dave, Jon, Tim, William, and many others…

His current campaign blends the old with the new by both bringing the Domain of Dread into D&D 4e, but also by introducing his wife and friends’ girlfriends into a great game that was either too evil or too geeky to try out in their youth.

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