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Born in the ancient city of Mississaugus, of the East Coast, Terminus is known throughout the Northern lands for his magical hands, significant in their healing properties. Many people flock from far and wide to be touched by his graces, although Terminus claims his healing properties apply only to those with two X chromosomes.

Terminus fought first as a cleric in the great invasion of Torontus, a neighbouring city. His healing skills, and charisma, healed and inspired the Mississaugians, securing their victory.

Because of his sensual touch, and magical hands, Terminus has gained a reputation as a skillful womanizer, charismatic diplomat, a talented cleric, and all around nice guy. He is known for his particularly terrible sense of humour, occasional drunkenness, and often shifting faith in the gods.

However, since his encounter with Sophia Paldraig, Terminus has set aside his old womanizing ways, preferring instead to devote his heart and soul to the one he cares for the most (second only to himself). His hands now belong exclusively to her, and occasionally, to his party.

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