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Anything you need to know you can ask, but I guess I should at least give you the basics. I have been playing tabletop games and specifically D&D for about a quarter of a century (started with hero quest). I have spent my fair share of time in front of and behind the screen, and I love being in either position. Most recently I have been playing D&D 5E because it is one of the best systems ever created in my opinion. I took part in the play test and was an active part of Adventurer’s League DMing at many CON events.

I enjoy online tabletop gaming more than in-person as the games usually have more focus and a lot less table talk. I have extensive experience with Fantasy Grounds as both a player and a DM. I played in two campaigns that ran for over 2 years and ran another in that same time.

That is the basics, anything else you want to know you can ask me any time, don’t be shy.

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