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This year… I have been getting back into RPG playing – currently in a group in Oregon City that plays AD&D 3.5. Of which I will be taking over at DM in a few months. I have been playing RPG’s since … wow… 1983-ish (7th grade) – mid 40’s now. I have played just about every level of game. And a long list of RPG’s. I have also been playing warhammer 40k since 1989 (ELDAR)… through till 5th edition.

RPG experience — D&D, AD&D (redbox – 1st ed… and 3.5), Warhammer fantasy Roleplay, Gamma World, TMNT, Twilight 2000, Elric/ Eternal Champion series, Nebuleon, Traveller, Paranoia, car wars, Shadowrun … etc. I have worked on my own setting within the Iridium core system, as well as dabbled within many other rules systems.

Currently looking to get involved in a group willing to play a variety of games… including “The Void” setting. I am willing to play and wanting to GM/DM. I will try just about any system really. Portland Metro area / south east side preferred / outer south side – Canby – Hubbard would be nice :)


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