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Been gaming for well over 35 years, started with Gary Gygax’s Chainmail rules as a tween, migrated to the original boxed journal-sized 3-book D&D and never turned back. Since all my friends were running everything D&D and fantasy I always gravitated to the also-rans, such as Gamma World, Traveller, Morrow Project and Top Secret, how I miss those days, when everything was so simple. Nostalgia!

Now I sit out on the fringes, with games like Call of Cthuhlu/Delta Green and Eclipse Phase and never invest in anything too mainstream. I generally only buy something I would run, even if I am not running it. I only run systems and genres that I am comfortable with, can sink my teeth into or wrap my head around. It has to be DARK, like my beers. My income for gaming has always been limited so I stick to my favourites. I like to run small group games so I can keep the storyline and arc personalized to the players. The rest of the games on the shelf at my FLGS are for my friends and anyone else to buy up. Otherwise, I am happy to try most anything if it is with the right group of people, but I am not keen on mixed genre games like ShadowRun, which makes me a stuffy purist I guess?

I am fully conversant with running online, primarily using and have done so for nearly 10 years with a good friend, on and off. I also enjoy games tete-a-tete as well. I game because I like the social and cerebral aspects of hanging with friends. Just as easily, I’m happy to socialize without the game and do real life. I have several different game interests and friends or groups that I hang with when I can and I enjoy miniature, board, role-playing games equally.

Other related interests include kit bashing, terrain-making, casting and molding, wax carving and jewelry making, art, writing, reading and a wide variety of other creative, scientific or industrious pursuits. Just not enough time damned-it!

Stay tuned to this channel. I plan on submitting tutorials and products integrating real world GIS for mapping in your games. Twitter @CircaGIS

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