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I’ve been an avid gamer for a long time, beginning from the moment I played Super Mario All Stars as a kid (I’ll never forget the first time I ran into that first Goomba). I first started playing D&D when I was thirteen, and began trying (poorly) to create my own adventures soon after. Since then, I’ve mostly played D&D, but have had brief stints into Star Wars, Spycraft and d20 Modern. I am most interested in branching out into systems besides D&D as a player, while I continue to plot various ideas for settings I doubt my current group would want to play.

I’m definitely more on the role-play side of things. When it comes to fluff vs. crunch, I tend to put fluff first. I am not a power gamer by any means, and simply make characters that I feel are interesting to play as. As a GM, I tend to run games with emphasis on storytelling, and hope to play in more games like that as a PC.