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I’ve always been a huge RPG fan, and when I found table top, it just clicked. I’ve been running my own games now for about 15 years

I’ve played every system I could get my hands on, and am always up to try something new. I tend to collect rpg systems like I collect D&D minis- even though I rarely get to play with them, they’re all inspiration for something. I usually run home brew games- not just for the story. Right now my main focus is 5e, but with a healthy injection of any game system, rule set, or augmentation I feel adds some flavor. Kick Starter campaigns, original OSR material, 3rd party 1 offs, nearly everything has some nugget worth pillaging or adapting for whatever you’re playing

Deep mountain Dwarven cities, to deep space Xeno conflicts, there’s nowhere I won’t take a player or story. Hold tight!

Favorite Campaigns
Icewind Dale Campaign
Les Compagnons d'Ailleurs
Pursuit of Destiny
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