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Hey y’all,

I’m Jacqueline I also go by Jazz, I prefer to be called Jazz. I’m 13 years old. I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons with my dad since I was like 9. My dad is SO COOL for getting me started on d&d. I live in a family of five; there’s my daddy “Scott”, my momma “Teresa”, My little sister “Samantha”, and my cousin “Tesa”. We’re all one BIG family, even when we have hard times we are all here for each other and we can make it through anything. I was born March 30, 1997. I LOVE to barrel race, rope, cut cattle, and well, just rodeo. When all the little girls wanted to be ballerinas, I wanted to be a COWGIRL. Anytime I can be up on a horse,I’m there in the saddle. I love music I dont know what i would do without it, my favorite genre is country music. I like playing Volleyball, Football, Tennis, and Soccer. I like runnin’ track and cross country. I am on the school powerlifting team, I love seeing my maxes get heavier and heavier! I LOVE to play volleyball and football. When I play football I like to play Tightend, Reciever, or Cornerback. Im pretty good at football I think. I’m a beast at volleyball even though I may not be the “best” setter. I have one horse, his name is Commander and he is THE best…. well I might be a little biased on that ;ast remark. Commander is an army horse, he has a serial number on the inside of his lip, the kind of serial number the army uses on their horses. I’m not a “girly” girl, I love to get outside and play in the mudd and get all messed up!!! Almost all of my friends are guys except my three best friendds, Faith, Kathy, and Haven. My boyfriend is pretty cool to… maybe lol yeah hes cool. What can I say? I’m me. And that’s all their is to it. I’m just a wierd, tough, outdoors person.

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