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The Evil Writer is the last son of a dead planet, sent to earth from the future to save the past from the future of the past. He spent diggity-twelve years studying Word-Fu in an ancient Kuzbanian monastery. He had to say diggity because Vecna stole the word for twenty, and he had to chase him diggity-eleventeen miles to get it back.

When not indulging in delusions of grandeur, the Evil Writer is an Origins Award winning RPG designer, who currently is running Knoxville, TN’s premiere Live Interactive Fiction Experience event, Black Bowery. His favorite games are Houses of the Blooded, Witch Hunter, new World of Darkness, and Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja Educational Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555. Yes, that last one is a real game.

The Evil Writer is also known to run the occasional infamous “Drunken Witch Hunter” table, as well as many tables of Pathfinder Society. He also runs Blood Aria, a Blood & Tears LARP of treachery, romance, revenge, scheming, and murder, every year at Dragon*Con.

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