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Real name: Troels Rohde – not going to change the screen name, cause I want to keep the links

I been playing since I was 6 or so, made my first Dungeon to run for my brothers at 8. I still remember the main plot line: The Demigod of beauty, in the form of a unicorn, had been kidnapped. It was up to the two heroes to rescue it, before the land deteriated into something like Mordor, with wasteland and fumes, and people got ugly like orcs. There were no orcs though.(I didn't know the LotR at that time). Together we made our own little system, my little brother invented monsters for our own setting.

I just completed… oh well, we didn’t complete a my fourth Star Wars Campaign. I decided to Run WotC campaign, for the SW group where I started 1 year ago! Our GM got too busy to run the campaign, so I jump in with this. Players left, we stopped playing weekly, and 2 times our sessions got cancelled, so I cancelled the campaign.

I am brewing on 2 others of my own, with a dream of a new Dark Heresy campaign some day!