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I have been playing D&D for over 15 years. I started out with a red box containing all the information for D&D (whatever happened to that thing? Remember when elves were a class?! hahaha) and a few TSR boxed adventures with maps and miniatures -real Dungeon-crawling stuff, very battle oriented. Over the years my gaming style evolved into one emphasizing role playing, making interesting characters, stories, and worlds. Music found it’s way into our playing and has become central. Good thematic music really puts me into the world and a well thought out descriptive scene set to the right music is pure gold.

I have been DMing since I started playing and while I have enjoyed playing in others’ worlds and have learned a lot from the experience, I definitely prefer to DM. It’s kind of a passion. It can be such a great creative outlet. I have played with many great role players and I tip my hat to some great DMs and hope to never stop playing.

Check out my featured article for “Words in the Dark” the Obsidian Portal Blog, Using Music in your RPG.

I’m a pretty friendly guy so feel free to send me a friend request.

I have played:
Dungeons and Dragons (all editions)
Call of Cthulhu
Delta Green
Vampire the Masquerade

Gaming Music: A Music Resource for GMs.

With organized and tagged reviews of background music for the gaming experience.

The Ilumnos Series

The Ilumnos Series- A D&D 3.5 game with homebrew elements of steam punk. Based around a gigantic machine which uses color crystals to travel from world to world.

The White Wastes of Aultha

A Pathfinder RPG game with homebrew elements. The story of a city-state surrounded by a cursed barren land. The only protection offered to humanity from the ever encroaching curse is the unbelievable power within magical rocks called Mana Stones.

Just Sitting Around the Gaming Table When…

A single shot adventure using D20 Modern Rules as a guide. Based off the idea of what would happen if we were sitting there around the gaming table and all of a sudden there was a zombie invasion. The players played themselves. They didn’t have any character sheets or list of skills or stats. (Its ‘My Dinner with Andre’ meets ‘28 Days Later’.)

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