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JonathonVolkmer's Bio

Hey, a bio box – when did this get here?

Anyway, hello. I’m periodically active on the forums, and feel free to PM me if you ever want to get in touch – I respond to every message that warrants it, in as timely a manner as I can.

Most of the campaigns I post on this site are here more for my reference and possible later use than because they’re actually active. Currently, the only campaigns that I am actively running are Adanne and House Corinthyen (see below).

The Days and Nights of House Corinthyen is an ongoing (?) PBP campaign. Read about the continuing adventures of our heroes in the Adventure Log section.

Ad Astra and Gatefall are my preparations for what a Traveller campaign might look like, just in case I ever get to run one.

Legends of Myth and Magic was pasted together while I was playing with using the Mythic GM Emulator to run a couple of sessions. Nothing has come of that yet.

Bam! Pow! ended after the third session with a near TPK. It was actually only intended to last one or two sessions anyhow, but things never go according to plan.

The Blood of Life is on a long-term hiatus, although it’s not inconceivable that we might pick it back up at some point.

Europa became Adanne after some serious alterations to the world and the setting rules.

Wisp is a world I created, mapped, and worked out a long-term history and story for. It has served, in many ways, as a creative testing ground for me, allowing me to play with various ideas. There’s a lot of flesh to it, but not really anything that I’d mind sharing.

Beyond the Pale is a pain-stakingly thorough modern world, somewhere between Cthulhu and the Dresden files in terms of pitch-language, and I am keeping that IP private for later use, either in a game or for publication in some form.

Which brings me back to the bio portion of this bio. My name is Jon. I work in front of a computer, and often play in front of one as well. Get your head out of the gutter, please. All better? Moving on. I enjoy story-telling, character development, and world-building, and I write as frequently as I can force myself, even when I’m not motivated. I am also interested in, basically, everything. Wikipedia is my close personal friend.

Okay, love you, bye.

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