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I have been gaming since the mid-70’s just after D&D came out in the blue boxed set. I remember a friend and I having to pool money to buy that first PHB (The one with the thieves and the demon altar). I played the first edition Traveller, TS, RM and a host of others. For a long time my favorite game was Powers and Perils, by Avalon Hill. Until about 10 years or so ago, I had said I have or have played in most RPGs out there, but the massive number that have been published lately mitigate that claim. Now I still play several, but my favorites are Role Master Standard System, Shadowrun 3rd ed, Torg (which I have rarely ever played, and never to the end of an adventure) and the recent addition of Savage Worlds.

I am retired from the US Air Force, and currently working in the US government for the FEMA. We are playing with great friends and even some other members of our family. I still have my Roll20 account and we expect to be playing some more online games with dear freinds form overseas!

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