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PartyPanda's Bio

I am a magical, ninja, game-mastering panda that subsists off of fine wine, pizza, chocolate and the sweet, sweet tears of my players.

When I am not kicking ass and taking names, I’m a pretty friendly bear. Feel free to friend!

I have played in the following game/worlds systems:

Shadowrun 4th Ed; Star Wars d20; Star Wars Saga; Tri-Stat (Silver Age Sentinels); 7th Sea; Deadlands (Classic); Hell on Earth (Classic); D&D 3.5 ed; Old World of Darkness (Hunter), Adventure!; Edge of Midnight; Serenity; And soon…Pathfinder

I have GMed:

D&D 2nd edition (my firsts attempts at GMing, it was ridiculous), 7th Sea, Deadlands: Reloaded, Deadlands (Classic), Spirits of the Century (very briefly); Tri-Stat (Dreaming Cities)

I would like to play/GM:

Dresden Files; Dragon Age; Changeling (New WoD)

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