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He stood there, hands on his hips, pleased with the carnage, laid out before him, that HE had wrought. The bloody, and broken corpses, of his enemies were strewn across the vast hillside. The blood on his armor, and his face, were made even more fiendish by his toothy smile. To his left, they would never be placed on his honorable side, were the heads of the dog leaders, who dare try to stand before HIS might. They would be displayed and left there on their pikes, as a reminder to all who would think to oppose him. The itching in the back of his mind, tried to resurface again, but he ruthlessly crushed it back down. The old woman's words, would not spoil this triumphant moment. He knew the hag's prediction's would ring true someday, they always did, but it would not be this day. He was master of all he surveyed and beyond. The past deeds, that brought him to this plateau of power, as abonomable as they were, never made him miss a night's sleep. The hag had come to him one night, far past the rise of the moon, the arrogance of the woman. That he, a god among mortals, should have to put up with her insulent warnings of the next life. What did he care of the NEXT life?…. The boy grew up poor, but generally happy. He would be sick alot as a child, nothing serious, allergies, bronchitis and so forth. His religous faith was good, even though his luck was generally bad, believing that 'thing's happen for a reason'. As he grew older his bad luck, and it's results, grew more serious. His first car would be stolen, two other vehicles would be crushed in accidents, through no fault of his own. He would receive a divorce from his first true love. He would buy a 'divorce house', a fixer-upper that had a mind of it's own, a house that his friends would call "The house that wouldn't live". That same house would get burglarized three times in an eighteen month span. All sorts of small bad luck instances would occur, on an almost regular basis. One day, while speaking to one of his best friends, after a particular bad luck occurance. A thought came to him and he remarked, "I believe I am generally a good guy, but I must have wronged alot of people, in another lifetime." "I think I must have been," then a name just came to him, out of an itching sensation in the back of his mind. "I must have been Genghis Kahn"…

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