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So I reflected on this “Bio” and decided to write something worthwhile instead of the usual dribble I usually churn out. My name is Kyle, born and raised on the mean streets of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I’m 28 and have been playing role playing games for over fourteen years. I was that kid in high school and my RPG crew where a collection of degenerates and outcasts from across the decaying landscape of the Bucket Pawtucket. We started out with Palliadum gaming like Ninjas and Superspies, Heros Unlimited, and RIFTS. We branched into AD&D and White Wolf Games, finding a home in White Wolf Storyteller games (our white wold world lasted through almost a dozen campaigns and covered eight years worth of gaming, ending in a year long Time Of Judgement campaign). I played little AD&D, but became locked into the classic game with 3.0 and continue to play 3.5 and 4.0 D&D. Our group has played almost every major role playing game through countless weekend nights worth of gaming to sunrise. I feel that the caliber and quality of our games has grown to truly literary proportions and just wish there was enough time to play every game our GMs have in store. Yes, it’s nerdy, but the games I’ve played have brought me so much that I feel bad for folks that didn’t have the experience of role playing. Role playing games have brought me an untold number of hours worth of enjoyment and an outlet for my meager creative visions. Most of all, role playing games have brought me a gang of friends that have been with me since the beginning and continue to be my support to this day.

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