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Katerina patrova’s entire life has been spent in the land of the elven with her warrior father and mother. She takes after her father, bowmen. He taught her everything she knew about shooting an arrow. She was one day to be part of the warriors when she was old enough to join. When she was 16 she joined the recruitment to join the warriors and met the love of her life he was a swards man. They trained together for years.
One day there was a raid of orc’s in her town and all of the warriors were sent out but by the time she got there everyone was dead. She kept looking for people but the last memory she has of this is the sight of the head orc killing her parents and her one true love. She tried to kill the orc but blacked out instead. Three days later she awake to find her self in her uncles house he cared for her for weeks till she was able to gain her full strength back. She started to continue training immediately she didn’t want to disappoint her parents by giving up. But she soon found that the more she fought the more some of the memories came back.
One night in a dream she remembers that last moment exactly before she blacked out. She was fighting the orc and doing everything she could to kill him but he was too strong. She wasn’t used to close range battle after all she was meant to be bowmen. He pined her and looked her square in the face and she got a good look at him. He was an ugly thing, tall, very muscular, and had a scar on his face. He asked her to stop fighting and let him kill her quickly but, she simply replied with who are you to tell me to give up my life. He said he was a head orc and his name was Razgarth, Razgarth the orc. She woke with this knowledge in her head and only one thing on her mind, revenge. She packed up and left in the middle of the night and headed for the woods. She lived years in the woods alone training and building up her strength.
One day while living on her own she got a letter from her uncle that somehow found it’s way to her. Her uncles said how sorry he was that this had to happen to her but everything is not as clear as it seems. Her Elvin gild hatted orc’s for years so it made sense why they would attack but in truth they were looking for someone, Katarina’s twin brother. She was shocked to hear this news from her uncle. She had a brother she never heard about. According to her uncle he was a disgrace to the family all he would do is drink and be with women, so he was hidden to keep him and Katarina safe. She then new who could help her defeat the orc’s, she had to find him. She trained for years to become the best she could be. She eventually got a dog companion before heading out to seek the one thing on her mind, revenge. And so the adventure begins.

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