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I got my start as a tabletop gamer as a freshman in college, way back in 2008 (yeah…bit late to THAT party). I joined up with a group of upperclassmen from my floor playing D&D 3.5. That was the start of one of my current (hopefully lifelong!) passions.

I’ve been with Obsidian Portal officially for over four years now (my initial group brought it to my attention back in ‘08), though I’ve only started becoming somewhat active since I started building my homebrew world, Tamris. Unfortunately, if we’re not playing in Tamris I don’t update it much unless I get a slew of ideas at once. I’m slow to work on things, and I like to discuss setting ideas with my players verbally, so forgive me if what I have in my site is a fragment of what’s running through my mind! I really do love this site though, it has served as a great source of inspiration these last few years. I even pledged Immortal status during the Reforge Kickstarter, that’s how much potential I see in this place!

My experience with tabletop includes D&D 3.5 and 5e, Pathfinder, Scion, 13th Age, Dark Heresy, a Fallout d% homebrew, FATE, and most recently Call of Cthulhu. I’ve tried my hand at the Dragon Age RPG, but that only lasted two sessions. I love the feel of Scion and its mythos, so I would love to play that if someone’s willing to run it. Dark Heresy and CoC just aren’t for me, too grim/dark. 13th Age is alright, and I’m liking FATE the more I understand it.
I’m looking to expand into some other games, notably BESM, L5R, and WoD (Vampire and Werewolf).

My collection always seems to be growing. I’ve purchased the better part of the official 3.5 material (I’m estimating about 70%, not including modules or Faerun/Eberron supplements) and a large chunk of the 3.x Dragon Magazines. My shelves may be getting a bit strained by the weight, but my players love that I usually have the book for them when they want to look something up. I’ve also begun spreading into other systems; I have the Pathfinder core book, the Anima core book, BESM d20, d20 Mecha, the True20 ruleset, the entire English-printed Scion collection, and I backed the Kickstarter for the English translation of Ryuutama, hopefully due out Spring 2015. I also backed HC SVNT DRACONES (out now) and Karthun (in progress).

Outside of the tabletop world, I collect and enjoy video games, anime, and manga, and I’m starting to get into board games. I’m coming into my mid-20s, with a BA in Asian Studies (focused on Japanese history and culture) and paying off my student loans bit-by-bit. I’m working towards teaching English in Japan or teaching Japanese Studies here in the States. I’ve loved almost everything about Japan for as long as I can remember; I’ve even lived there for a few months, and I’m trying to go back.

If anyone out there is interested in anything I’ve said, or just wants to chat, shoot me a PM. I’m always willing to talk or listen. Until then…

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