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I’ve been gaming for more years than I care to count. I love to play, to write, to create and to tell stories.

  • I started gaming in the late ’70s (Red Box D&D).
  • I’ve helped run roleplaying conventions (2 in college, 4 out).
  • I’ve run demonstration games at other conventions & run open games at local RPG conventions.
  • I’ve even published a few things with a tiny gaming company.
  • Since graduation (1992) I’ve regularly been in at least 2 games (running one, playing the other) if not more.
  • The longest game I’ve ever run lasted 14 years, playing roughly every 2 weeks (with a few months off from time to time).
  • The longest game I’ve ever played is ongoing, but it’s played maybe once a month (or so). It started in 2008.
  • Like most gamers, I have binders full of RPG stuff; mostly of my own creation. I don’t know if the quantity of that information should add or subtract from my “cred”. Yes, it does involve new worlds, continents on existing worlds, and political advancements, new gods, whole new magical philosophies, etc., etc., etc.
  • I’ve never been to GenCon or DragonCon.
  • I collect (and display my) dice.