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I started playing RPGs at the age of 10.  A friend's brother had put together a D&D version of the movie Labyrinth.  I was hooked.  I mostly played AD&D throughout my roleplaying career although I have also branched out into Champions, Shadowrun, Star Wars (d20), Hellboy (GURPS), and Serenity.

Most of my early roleplaying experiences were predominantly about powergaming.  In my teenage years, however, my gaming group played two excellent campaigns – one set in Greyhawk and the other in Ravenloft.  At this time, we also started participating in local gaming tournaments.  These experiences helped me gain an appreciation for the roleplaying and storytelling aspects of the game.  I was also inspired by Gary Gygax's "Master of the Game".

I have had plenty of experience being both a player and a gamemaster.  I find that being a player for a while inspires me with many new ideas and I want to create a new campaign.  On the other hand, after about a year of running a given campaign, I want to give up the responsibility and start playing again.  Recently, I was running a Serenity game and a Viking-themed game (2Ed AD&D and soon to be True20).

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