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I have been playing D&D of some form off and on since I was 15, starting with our seat-of-the-pants high-school version of 1st Edition, through playing 2nd Edition in Desert Storm, running Dark Sun in 2nd Ed., running generic D&D in 3rd Ed. and 4th Ed., and now back to DMing Dark Sun in 4e. Dark Sun is by far my favorite campaign setting; I fell in love with the desert during Desert Storm and love the brutal, gritty feel of the setting. I’m excited to be running a game set there again (with one player left from the previous game more than ten years ago!).

In the terms of the 4e DMG, my preferred gaming style is more storyteller, thinker and actor than power gamer or slayer, though I do enjoy a good combat or dungeon delve. For me, the point of roleplaying is getting together to create a compelling story that you are actually involved in. I’ve always called it “let’s pretend with rules.”

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