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When I’m not playing D&D or spending time with my family I am a Home Care Registered Nurse. I was born in a small Northern Minnesota town in 1977 and have been playing D&D since 1985. After high school I enlisted directly into the Marine Corps where I was a Mortarman with the 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion in Twentynine Palms, CA. I DM’d while in the Corps and when I got out didn’t waste any time starting up a campaign with my buddies from high school (plus one I picked up in the Marines). I have a beautiful wife who also plays D&D and a son who will be welcome at the gaming table as soon as he is old enough. I still play D&D with most of the same people I played with in high school; I’ve known some of them for over 30 years. I credit D&D with keeping us all together so long despite how we’ve spread across the Midwest United States.

My most memorable gaming experience is the weekend I played D&D with E. Gary Gygax himself. It was at a bed & breakfast in LaCross, WI. There were eight of us that had the opportunity to have Gary spend the weekend with us and actually DM a session back in 2006. Gary died a couple of years after that so I was very lucky to have had the experience. It is literally something I’ll be telling my grandkids about!

That’s me on Gary’s right and Tralen on his left.

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