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I started gaming in the 6th grade (many moons ago as I am in my thirties) and just didn’t learn how to quit. I have played in more systems that I can remeber and have run games in almost as many systems. My favorite games have been in Forgotten Realms, including two games that are linked to my current campaign.

Other than that, I love crossing up game genres. I have gm’ed:

D&D Greyhawk
D&D Dragonlance
D&D Forgotten Realms (multiple games)
Rifts (3 and 1/2 years, 31 players, and the player playing a dragon was able to keep it hidden from session 1 all the way to the final session, priceless.)
Chaos Earth
Robotech/Stargate Crossover (lots of fun)
Heroes (anime fantasy, cyberpunk, Robotech, Noir)
Champions (superheroes, Dark Superheroes)
Star Wars
and many more.

My favorite con game that I have run was a Predator, Marine, Alien game which was loosely based on the video game Predator vs. Alien.

My favorite con game that I have played in was an Alien’s game. (Table 3…your dropship blows up, you are all dead.)

I love to read and listen to music. (I’m an old college DJ with a huge music collection.) I love to use what I have learned from reading in my games. As such creatures and monsters are not always textbook in my games.

Right now, my Forgotten Realms campaign takes in at least four other campaigns’ history is set with the new 4e timeline, but runs in Pathfinder. To further complicate things, I have replaced Abeir with Foldiers Crystals with the Iron Kingdoms to help bring in an indusrtrial steampunk feel to the game. Currently train tracks are being built between Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate.

I am generally pretty friendly, love to read the logs of other games, am always seeking out new ideas for my campaign and always love to make and meet new friends. ;-)

Favorite Campaigns
The Last Hope Mercenary Guild
Sanction of the Athar
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