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HHELLO everybody! My name is Thomas (aka the mastermind behind the infamous interdimensional techno-conglomorate powerhouse known as Devacorian Laboratories). I have spent most of my life in a small town in the forested mountains about an hour north of Sacramento, California. Recently, I have transplanted myself to Fullerton, California, about five minutes from Disneyland, for college. So far, I am enjoying the environment, but I am definitely looking for a new roleplaying group, so if you are in the area, hit me up!

A little about myself. I discovered D&D when my good friend Chris ran a session during a school vacation. My first experience with roleplaying was a TPK, and I haven’t been the same since o_0
After that, I got back into it with a Ravenloft campaign run by the same DM. As I played, I came to realize that this was the most fun I had ever had. Ever. The freedom I experienced while playing Dungeons and Dragons was incredible. It wasn’t long after that that I began committing more of my time to it, and I ran my first campaign, “The Sky Pirates’ Codex”, for several months.

I have a fantastic girlfriend, Kate, and she and I have been together for over a year now. While she has never gotten into roleplaying (hehe), she knows of my love for D&D and accepts my gratuitous nerddom with love. I enjoy mythology, anthropology, and politics. I am also an incredible sci-fi buff, and I devour whatever science fiction I can get my hands on. So far, my favorites among the science fiction genre include Star Wars, (the re-imagined) Battlestar Galactica, Mass Effect, Stargate (movie and all subsequent series), Star Trek (on a much more casual basis), the Halo series, any book written by Larry Niven, and, of course, Firefly (I am convinced that, if there is a heaven, and I go there someday, my welcome basket will include a lightsaber and Firefly seasons 1 through 10).

Here’s a few campaigns I would recommend, if anyone’s interested:

A God Rebuilt
Gaming Music
Duskreign Prophecy
Age of Legends
Star Trek Late Night
Tales of Darkmoon Vale
Avatar: Conquest of the Imperial Order

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