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Age of Heroes
Avatar: Conquest of the Imperial Order
November 2011 Campaign of the Month
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November 2011 campaign of the month

I am currently undergoing my second campaign after Avatar, Age of Heroes. Any comments or feedback would be highly appreciated and i am always open to conversation.I am also a player in a few other campaigns run by my close friends. My favorite class is Druid

Recently, Avatar has received some very high praise that i am deeply honored by. We were named November 2011 Campaign of the Month, placed 3rd in the vote for 2011 Campaign of the Year, received the high honor and praise of one of my greatest inspirations here on the portal, Duskreign, when he named us his Favorite Campaign of the Month for January 2011, and were shown overhwleming support by the community when we reached over 200 fans!!! :D I am so grateful for the support of everyone who has helped inspire me to make Avatar what it is today and i never could have done it without all of you!
My eternal thanks

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A God… Rebuilt
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Duskreign Prophecy
Age of Legends
Star Trek Late Night
Tale of Darkmoon Vale
Le Ballet de l’Acier
Honour Among Thieves

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D&D 3.5e
D&d 4.0
D20 Modern (Zombies!!!)
D20 Homebrew (Avatar d20)

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Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness
Age of Legends
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