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A little bit about myself. Oh geez… when did the red box come out for D&D??? I think that means I’ve been playing for awhile, which means I’m getting old. My next door neighbor, Tyler, brought over the red box, we rolled up a “Ninja”, cause, ya know, I was totally into them in the early 80s.

Still am.

So I made a Ninja, but never got to play him as Tyler and his family moved away the next week. I was crushed. Until Junior High and 1st ed. D&D. Then High School LOTSA D&D 2nd ed.

College gave way to new shiney games like Earthdawn, Shadowrun, Vampire, Werewolf, Mage and the ever faithfull D&D. (with OPTIONS…who remembers that train wreck of a version???)

Thankfully, my life of nerdom was saved by my beautiful Wife.

Hastie and the FlashlightsYes, that is me playing on guitar!!!

WHO WAS OUR GM!!! And she went on to write for White Wolf during the Werewolf the Apocalypse 2nd ed days. Heh.

Nowadays, I spend way too much time on OP reading ours and others campaigns. I’m not much of a prolific writer when it comes to our adventure logs, but I do enjoy playing around with our sites and snazzy them up with html and css coding. Rather surprised myself with how much I enjoy it.

Nuff for now. Game on!

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