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I am an old school gamer. I’ve been playing and DMing since I was 13. I enjoy DMing quite a bit but I would like to get into a good game as a player sometime. I live in the Central Texas Area and plan to stay for a long time.

I grew up in Houston, Texas, in the suburbs. My younger years were spent screwing around like most 10-12 yearolds do. Around age 13 I was first introduced to D&D.

I had a 1st Level Thief, who lost his life to a sword slinging skeleton while picking a lock; I was hooked. Ever since then I have played just about every kind of roleplaying game once. Some of these included some TSR oldies like Gamma World, Boot Hill, and yes even Star Frontiers with the space monkeys. I grew out of those and moved into superhero games like Champions. Then onto some sci-fi since I had a powersuited hero it was a logical leap. The books of William Gibson and Bruce Sterling turned me to Cyberpunk. The genre was excellent hard, gritty, and adrenaline pumped adventures. I also got into Battletech and Ogre beautiful amored combat games.


Leaving my boyhood behind I joined the Army, enlisting in (you guessed it) the Armored Corps. I joined up as an M-1 Tanker at the age of 19. I have been tanking ever since. Fortunately some of my Army training rubbed off into my gaming. I had a better understanding of flanking, supporting fire, and yes plain old assaults. I have also gained actual combat experience with Desert Storm and 2 tours in OIF.

I eventually got married, and divorced, and married again and divorced again. I have two beautiful daughters. They are old enough to play. They thoroughly enjoy the game, and are interested in miniature painting as well.

In 2010 I retired from the Army and went into overseas government contracting for a bit. While in Iraq I ran the Savage Tide Adventure Path using the D&D 3.5 rules. Additionally I also have run several settings using the GURPS 4.0 rules by Steve Jackson Games. This last March I finished overseas contracting and now work from home as an Project Coordinator for Adams Communication and Engineering Technologies providing IT Onboarding support to the VA. This allows me more time with my daughters and chances to get together with friends for a rousing game of whatever.

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