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A wee bit about me…

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in the early eighties and fondly remember running away from my first goblin until I worked out that my character could do stuff – like defend himself. I haven’t stopped playing RPG’s since then, mostly my own home brew campaigns, and a variety of systems from Chivalry & Sorcery to Paranoia.

I am totally hooked on the camaraderie and sheer fun of creating heroic stories and adventures with my friends.

The Heroes of Barrow is the first Dungeons and Dragons campaign I have run for decades and I am enjoying returning to a more structured gaming environment. Previously I have preferred more narrative based and less rules oriented systems i.e. fudge, the pool, etc.

My worlds are often inspired by my historical interests, which vary, but tend to exclude anything after the age of gunpowder. My last campaign was set in the County of Boulogne before the preaching of the First Crusade and explored the social conditions and violent turmoil of eleventh century France as well as the motive’s pilgrims had for taking the cross. I hope to return to this one day, although I currently have plans for a fudge based campaign with a more fantastic setting…

I have enjoyed exploring the variety and quantity of imaginative creations on the Obsidian Portal. It’s fantastic to see so many vital and exciting campaigns online. I would like to thank other members of the Obsidian Portal, GMs and Players alike, for their generosity in sharing their often inspirational work – cheers! And enjoy your gaming folks!

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