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(For some odd reason my history is throwing up some wierd symbols, sorry)

A long age ago when I was 12 my world was subtley altered by the simple words: “Hey, I just got D&D, want to check it out?” Yes, I still have the original books that got me roleing. (Sorry, terrible pun. I just couldn’t help it) Since I have plpayed a variety, but nowhere near the number of different systems that some of my fellows have. For a while I was “Head DM” meaning that I ran our gamming world, (Forgottern Realms) and could overrule other DM’s if they got out of line. Truth be told I only had to use the power once. For a long while D&D was the only RPG for me. Now of course 4th ED. is here and I’m heartily exploring the alternitives.

Games Played:

Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Ed., Dungeons & Dragons 3.0, Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, Star Wars (d6 &d20), Deadlands, Savage Worlds, Legend of the Five Rings, d20 Modern, Spycraft (1st and second edition), Alternity, Spacequest, Inquisitor, Gurps, Serenity, and I have the vaguest of recollections of Cthullu once upon a time.

Defining Gaming Moments

(While DMing to a character who had just cast the “light” spell on her dagger) “Now remember it’s a “light” weapon. Sorry. Sorry.

Making up the torture list in case Swerve and his crazy hacking messed with Tre’nar’s ship anymore.

(After finally finishing the chosen campain after 5 years) Player: C’mon, you can make up another campaign for us. Me: You just killed a GOD!!! What more do you want?!?

Spending 10+ hours to make a character for a 2 hour one off session.

My battlemage hating the new character in the group because he was trying to replace his friend that just died. Funny because they were played by the same person.

Shaun: My god, I’ve created the Imperial hit squad. Eric: (plain faced) I’m sorry, were you expecting anything else?

Greatest NPC

My personal Favorite NPC I’ve ever created was Orin. Yes, he was immensly old. Yes he was immensly powerful. But the reason I liked him the most was because he had the power to rule not only his nation, but possibly the world, but he never wanted that. His was a legacy that tied my whole game world together. I also loved his personality. The whole arcane approach to the world. Having the power to break all the lawmakers, but going about it the “right” way. Also I always loved that Orin, on the surface one of the most loving and caring individuals in the realm, had a dark past and created some of most devious arcane items of all time._

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