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DreadGazebo's Bio

Hi I’m Jerry. Some of you may know me as your DM and some of you may now know me as the Content Director of Obsidian Portal, however I suppose a lot of may not know me at all! So, allow me to introduce myself!

Here’s my details:
Jerry LeNeave
Twitter: @DreadGazeebo
Obsidian Portal Blog: Words In The Dark
Obsidian Portal Podcast: Haste
D&D / Gaming Blog: The Dread Gazebo
Youtube (Tutorials, Game Reviews and Unboxings): The Dread Gazebo
Personal Blog: Soliloquy

I also used to write for This Is My Game and have contributed to the Fourthcore D&D movement as a promoter/contributor as well as being co-writer/creator on Saturday Night Delves 01: Revenge of the Iron Lich. Check it all out over at Save Versus Death

You can also find my work both on the Kobold Quarterly website and within the printed pages of Issue #20 before the magazine’s untimely demise.